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More Hospitals Call Us for Training to Effectively Manage Emergencies

The role that healthcare facilities play in emergency response and preparedness is steadily growing, making it necessary to have effective response policies and procedures in place.

As many are working to update and improve their own response plans, it can be difficult to develop a plan that ensures optimum results in every emergency.

That’s why our team at MCM is here to help implement effective plans, training and exercise programs to help prepare your facility for emergencies of any scale.


Healthcare Needs Assessment
and Strategic Planning

Creating the Best Policy for You

When it comes to emergency response, your efficiency is our priority.

In order to keep people safe in an emergency, each healthcare facility and its staff must be equipped with clear plans, policies and procedures that cover any type of disaster or emergency.

From decontamination strategy, to continuity of operations planning (COOP), to review of Hospital Incident Management Systems (HIMS), clients trust us to help them take the first crucial steps in assisting your team and protecting your community.

Healthcare Project Management

Engineering Your Project from Start to Finish

Healthcare facilities face challenges every day.

Ensuring your healthcare system is prepared to respond or mitigate any emergency or disaster is vital.

Having a project management expert on your team is equally as vital to the success of your project.

MCM’s project management professionals integrate with your team and give you the cutting edge.

Emergency Plans, Exercises, and Training - We are the experts you want working with you.

Healthcare Training and Exercises

Preparing Your Team for Any Emergency

Any good plan should be carried out through execution, which is why MCM creates the perfect training programs or HSEEP exercises to put your plan, policies, procedures, and staff to the test.

We start with a kickoff meeting, a thorough assessment of your staff and equipment, and a detailed plan before creating or choosing the best program based on your needs.

Each healthcare training or exercise program is completely customizable, giving you the ability to precisely confront your areas for improvement.

Our Latest Healthcare Projects

Northwest Central, PA

Healthcare Coalition Exercise Program

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. designed, conducted and evaluated a multi-facility functional exercise series for the Northwest Central Healthcare Coalition (NWCHCC).

A total of five hospitals were scheduled on varying days to participate in the exercise series.

Each exercise had a similar scenario but MCM integrated facility specifics for each hospital that participated.

Additional support agencies and organizations that interfaced with each hospital also had the opportunity to participate.

MCM completed each exercise in accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

A complete after-action report and improvement plan (AAR/IP) was developed after all hospitals completed an exercise.


Penn Highlands Healthcare - Brookville, PA

Decontamination Training

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. completed numerous decontamination training sessions over the years for Penn Highlands-Brookville.

While the Penn Highlands-Brookville decontamination team had previous decontamination training, the hospital emergency planning team required training of new team members and refresher training for previous team members annually.

MCM utilized the decontamination equipment from the hospital to train all team members on proper techniques for utilization.

Staff participated in classroom and hands on training and exercises.


Corry Memorial Hospital, PA

Continuity of Operations Planning

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. completed a continuity of operations plan for Corry Memorial Hospital.

Corry Memorial Hospital identified in risk assessment meetings that a formal plan was required to identify continuing operations during an internal or external disaster.

MCM conducted research on the requirements for the continuity of operations plan, interviewed department heads to identify their critical operation elements, developed a continuity of operations plan with checklists and then conducted training for all department heads and their direct succession personnel.

After all training was completed, a tabletop exercise was conducted to test the new plan.


North Central Task Force, PA

Triage Tag Exercise

MCM Consulting Group Inc. has completed numerous exercises for the North Central Task Force.

MCM conducted a mass casualty functional exercise that included participants from multiple emergency response disciplines.

MCM conducted multiple training sessions on the SMART triage system prior to the exercise week.

Then after all training was completed, hospitals and emergency medical services from all the counties in the North Central Task Force conducted triage and triage tag completion over a one-week period.

The training and exercise were utilized to ensure healthcare professionals have the opportunity to complete SMART triage system annually.


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