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GIS Consulting Services - Everything We Can Do for You...


Contract Negotiations

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. helps identify needs and expectations, manage vendor relationships, and set defined timelines while protecting the financial and strategic interests of our clients.

RFI, RFQ, RFP and IFB Services

 MCM Consulting Group, Inc. provides counsel in writing, advertising, reviewing, and awarding Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Invitation for Bids (IFB) while managing vendor and client performance to meet contractual commitments.

Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. provides an in-depth analysis of current GIS conditions and create a detailed strategic plan that offers solutions to give the county an efficient and valuable GIS system within your budget.

Hazardous Mitigation Project Mapping

The MCM team specializes in guiding hazard mitigation plan updates through geographic analysis and map creation to provide comprehensive analyses of hazards such as flooding, subsidence, hurricanes, earthquakes, hazardous materials and environmental hazards.

Custom GIS Geoprocessing Tools

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. provides custom scripting to help solve GIS problems and customize GIS tools for individual needs.

Our GIS geoprocessing addressing toolbar aids in addressing and maintenance of related GIS datasets.

The toolbar also provides the means to identify problems in the dataset and help users solve addressing problems.

GIS Program Implementation and Improvement

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. frequently provides professional services to implement plans and improve GIS systems.

We manage your project from start to finish, including implementing GIS date updates, community outreach, field data, and coordination of multiple components of addressing and mapping.

Next Generation 911 (NG911) Technology

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. is the leading choice when it comes to keeping up with advances in NG911.

As the experts in both GIS and 911 technology, we review your data and provide proper GIS analysis, implementation, and updates that meet current and future NG911 standards.

Project Management

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. offers assistance in GIS related services.

MCM has completed projects including but not limited to field data collection, data analysis, mapping coordination, and community outreach.

Our project management professionals (PMP) and GIS specialists will successfully manage your project to ensure the best outcome of the project.

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