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Broadband Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan Services

MCM will complete a broadband needs assessment and develop a strategic plan that will review and analyzes current and future broadband technology and internet service providers in order to explore the feasibility of local, county and regional broadband services and community agreements through a comprehensive report including:

  • Government requirements
  • Local and statewide trends
  • Inventory of community data and information
  • Planning and operational needs
  • Future cost estimates
  • Cost/benefit analysis of alternatives

Broadband Procurement Services such as IFB, RFI, RFP, and RFQ

MCM provides services for writing, advertising, reviewing, negotiating and awarding Broadband IFB, RFI’s, RFQ’s, and RFP’s while managing vendor performance to meet contractual commitments.

Vendor Contract Negotiations

MCM helps identify needs and expectations, manages vendor relationships, and sets defined timelines while protecting the financial and strategic interests of their clients.

Project Management Services

MCM will assist your team with the implementation of your broadband project. MCM has project management professionals (PMP) and subject matter experts that will ensure you project is implemented as designed.

Tower Site Services

MCM offers complete tower site and other high profile site review, design, and implementation services.

MCM can review current tower structures for structural integrity and possible implementation for broadband wireless internet services.

MCM can also provide services from raw land selection through construction and final acceptance of the new site.

Internet Service and Wireless Internet Service Provider Vetting

MCM solicits internet service providers (ISP) to provide business and residential services within our client's geographic boundaries, with special emphasis on any targeted areas of need.

We validate their financial stability, ability to perform the work and ensure the ISP objectives align with the community's strategic goals.

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