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MCM Consulting - Building Broadband - From The Ground Up...

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. provides professional, comprehensive broadband planning and project management services.

Our staff have experience and expertise in broadband consulting, planning, project management, resolution of regulatory and legislative issues.

We support the client’s management team in identifying funding opportunities that enhance performance, increase reliability, and cost efficiency in their operations and network.

MCM applies it's skills to ensure delivery of a quality service that will best serve your community.


Broadband Needs Assessment
and Strategic Planning

The Future Waits For No One

Communities large and small face immense challenges in an ever changing technologically driven world.

This makes having a broadband assessment and strategic plan a necessity.

MCM leverages its years of experience in engineering, broadband design, and project management to evaluate and implement a plan that's perfect for your community.

Throughout this process, MCM identifies available funding opportunities to help mitigate overall costs of improving your network.

Broadband Project Management

Building At Light Speed

Broadband projects are complex – start to finish – and it takes a company with extensive project management expertise, like MCM to maximize a positive outcome.

MCM serves as your representative providing quality control and quality assurance for all facets of the project from: RFPs, vendor recommendations, fiber & data center design, to final inspection and acceptance.

Our experienced project management teams integrate seamlessly with you and your contractors.

MCM is dedicated to ensuring the complete success of your project.

Our Latest Broadband Projects

Summit County, OH

Broadband Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning, Consulting and Project Management Services

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. (MCM) completed a broadband needs assessment and strategic plan for Summit County, Ohio and their 31 communities for a public safety, 125 middle mile fiber optic network (SCPSFCN) and tier 4 data center. The middle mile network will connect all 31 communities and the county together. MCM presented their findings to the county and communities.

MCM is now assisting with the development, advertisement, selection, and contract negotiations of engineering and architectural firms for the design and bidding of the middle mile network and tier 4 data center.

MCM is also vetting internet service providers (ISPs) to provided services on the middle mile network.

MCM will project manage the implementation of all portions of these projects.

This project will create a new secure broadband infrastructure for public safety services and other government and public entities in Summit County, Ohio.


Clarion County, PA

Broadband Project Consulting, Implementation and Project Management Services

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. (MCM) is under contract to assist the Clarion County Commissioners with the Clarion County Connected Broadband Project.

This project will enhance the provision of broadband services to underserved areas of the county.

The MCM team is assisting with RFP development, advertisement, selection, and contract negotiations of vendors to provide the necessary broadband services.

MCM will then provide project management services for the implementation of the broadband infrastructure and conduct acceptance testing to ensure the vendors have met all requirements.

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